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" The F15 Driver "

F15 Air to Air Lesson

by Zipper C/O 49th Fighter Wing

On this Page We will cover:

1. A.A. or Air-Air Weapons on the F-15c Eagle and
2. Classroom 101 for all you Pilots out there who want to be "PROFICIENT" with
These "MISSLES" Thereby Engaging and Defeating Enemy Aircraft in the Virtual
World of Lock-On

1. Air-Air Missiles:Types
a. 20 mm _M61A1 Vulcan Gatling Gun _LCOS_EEGS _SnapShot Line.
b. AIM-9P _SIDEWINDER_ Rear Aspect
c. AIM-9M _SIDEWINDER_ All Aspect
d. AIM-120 _AMRAAM _Fire and Forget
e.AIM 7 _SPARROW_Lock and Stay

2.Air-Air Missiles: Classroom 101
The first Thing that I would like to stress to all You Pilots is This: Always Train and
Fly in the Expert Avionics Mode.....It is not difficult, but you will have to repeat the
Training Missions, Over and Over until you can Do It , Blindfolded!..and in
you're Sleep..Got That!!..Now Let's Begins.!

The Avionics Mode that I use is the " TWS " Mode.I Beliieve that is the Best
Air-Air Multi Target Mode on the F-15..1st Press the 3 key and then the 2 key to get in the "RWS" Mode
RWS should Appear in the "bottom left MFD",,next Press ALT+I key to change the Radar Mode to TWS
which is the Best Mode for Firing the AIM-120..next, Press the D Key to cycle thru the Air-Air
weapon inventory.,until we have an AIM-120 on the rails
At this point the Aim-120 radar is Scanning for 10 miles..I like to Increase the RANGE
to at least 40 or 80 Miles by pressing the - Key___ The = key will decrease range..Don't Mix them Up!!
.... When you see contacts or Multiple Contacts on the "MFD"..Use you're 4-Arrow Keys on
on the Bottom Right Keyboard to move the Cursor over the Target
Blip on the Screen. Then, We need to DESIGNATE the Target by Pressing the Tab KEY
The TARGET is now LOCKED.! Next, we wait for the Target to get in Range
The "BANDITS"..will try to Break the Lock...Just Repeat the process if this Happens.
to Break that LOCK..Press the Ctrl+Tab Key....Once a "BANDITS" is
Identified...YOU CAN FIRE the AIM-120 up to 40 Miles OUT..and Expect a HIT!!!
Very Important.!!.If the target closes to less than 5 miles...press the 4 KEY
to bring up the Bore Mode [ I like to call this Dogfight Mode ]..Lock + Fire....That's It..!!
Ok! Class.That's It For Now!!Let's Take Our New FOUNDED INFO out to
our 22 Million Dollar F-15's and SPLASH SOME "BANDITS"..TIll NEXT TIME.!

b.Our Next Lesson Will be the AIM-9P+ 9M SIDEWINDER CLASS.
THANK YOU!! Joe Zipper Mazza 49th Fight Wing