THE MISSION OF The 49th Virtual Fighter Wing

Welcome to the Home of The 49th Virtual Wing

The 49th Fighter Wing Flies LOCKON Flaming Cliffs 3 in the DCS_WORLD

We are a Group of Virtual Pilots on the East Coast USA who enjoy meeting on the internet to Discuss and Fly

Flaming Cliffs 3 in Co_Operative Missions under Realistics Situations.....The atomosphere is Casual and Relaxing...

It's all about Fun and Teamwork in order to complete the Objectives of each Mission...This gives Flaming Cliff 3 an added REALISM

The Pilots in 49th Fighter Wing are a Great Bunch of Guys from all Walks of LIFE and From all

Around the World..We will help out with any problem you might have in Flying Flaming Cliffs 3


To Join the "49th FW " We Require that you have the following items: A copy of LockON....Flaming Cliffs 1 or Flaming Cliffs 2

Download DCS_WORLD[FREE] and PURCHASE Flaming Cliffs 3..You will also need a Microphone + Headset assembly.

Download The TeamSpeak3 Talking Program" from our Web Page. The 49thVFW has a dedicated server for TEAMSPEAK3

In keeping with the tradition of the US Air Force we are Loosely based on the 49thVFS

This is more or less a meeting point for FLAMING CLIFF3 Virtual Pilots...

more Important is the Respect and Consideration for our FELLOW PILOTS.

__Due to the Transition from Falcon4.0 to Flaming Cliffs 3. the 49thVFW will not start flying until

Sept 14 ,2013 ....but practise flights and multiplayer familarization flights will be conducted in August...Thank You

THE " 49th Fighter Wing " are Presently"OPEN"for Recruitment..Please contact the

JOE "Zipper" MAZZA on ICQ# 19435405 or at the following E-Mail Address:.

THANK YOU !.for You're Interest in THE 49thFW...Joe