Welcome to the Home of the ~8th Virtual Fighter Squadron

The 8th Virtual Squadron Flies DCS ~ A10C Warthog


To Join the 8th_VFS as a HAWG Driver email north804@49thvfw.com

A-10C Mean Machine

Motto:~ Tutor Et Ultor ~ - I Protect and Avenge ~

"A 49th Virtual Fighter Wing Squadron "

E-Mail C/O's

7th_VFS ~ Joe " Zipper " Mazza C/O _north804@hotmail.com

8th_VFS " C/O POSITION IS OPEN " ____________________

9th_VFS " STANDBY " ____________________

~8th Alumni


DCS_Digital Combat Sims "LOCKON's Flaming Cliffs 3"

LOCK ON FILES " Best Lock-On Site for Files and Utilities"

56th V.F Wing "56th V.F Wing "

56th Fighter Wing " Falcon Internet Squadrons "

Check-Six "Lock-On Download Site [ Hot] "

File Front " Falcon 4.0 Downloads + SP 4.2 OCI patch "

The 49th uses TeamSpeak " TeamSpeak "

" "

We Use Roger Wilco
a free voice radio for games
Download it
Tune us in

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